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3 Clinical Problems with Temporary Materials, Solved by TurboTemp EZ


Zest Dental Solutions

3 Clinical Problems with Temporary Materials, Solved by TurboTemp EZ

TurboTempEZAny material that not only adds strength and reliability to the restorative process but also resolves previous clinical challenges is a worthy addition to your inventory. We recently surveyed our DPS evaluators on Zest Dental Solutions’ TurboTemp EZ, a multifunctional, highly filled temporary crown-and-bridge material that they tried out in their practices. Many of these clinicians expressed how pleased they were with the accurate fit of the final temporary restoration and the material’s hardness during working stages, among other unique benefits they saw.

In most comments, we found a common theme—that TurboTemp EZ stood superior to previous provisional materials our evaluators have used, for a variety of reasons. Below, we’ve highlighted just some key notes from the survey results.

Setting Time

“TurboTemp EZ consistently set faster than my previous temporary materials.” -Dr. Cristian Secareanu

The material provides a predictable set time of less than 5 minutes. Aiding in the speed of provisional restorations, TurboTemp EZ comes in a 1:1 cartridge with a mixing tip for convenient delivery and effectively consistent mixing and curing.


“The hardness held up well during the temporization period. I was able to trim easily, allowing quicker completion.” -Dr. David Martin

According to Zest, TurboTemp EZ provides 5 times higher flexural strength at a faster rate than other brands, particularly during critical working stages. High flexural strength prevents deformation or shrinkage during handling, trimming, and polishing.


“Shade A2 had nice camouflage properties, and the temps seemed to stain less than with previous materials.” -Dr. Bhavit Sheth

TurboTemp EZ features 6 key shades—A1, A2, A3/3.5, B1, C3, and bleach—that offer life-like fluorescence and high polishability for esthetic results. Several clinicians noted that the material’s color match, consistency, and versatility were ideal for cases, with one sharing that “the patient was happy with the esthetics” during a 10-unit temporary fixed partial denture case.

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