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Retain Patients and Improve Practice Profitability with Anesthesia-Free Dentistry


Clinicians are aware that many people are terrified to visit a dental office. Among the tools that frighten patients the most are the needle and the drill. The fear of pain linked to anesthesia injection and the discomfort associated with the unpleasant whirl of a high-speed handpiece may keep patients out of a dental office for much longer than it is considered healthy.

Air abrasion offers anesthesia- and drill-free dentistry, which may help general practitioners attract and retain more patients while boosting the clinical performance and practice’s profitability. This type of dentistry is making dental visits less menacing for patients whatever they are pediatric, geriatric, or have special needs, which is a real quantum leap when dental phobics are considered.

Single- and multi-quadrant tooth preparations for direct restorations, sealant applications, and the repairs of veneers, crowns and bridges, are among many procedures that can be performed by air abrasion, without an injection. Just like a gentle polishing bur, air abrasion can also be used to remove stains and remnant cement, or to provide an indirect restoration with the required mechanical retention for long-term luting.

PrepStart H2O from Zest Dental Solutions represents a next-generation in abrasion technology. Portable and ultra-light, it is equipped with a built-in compressor and has the ability to adjust pressure, powder and water flow allowing clinicians and dental hygienists to perform a broad range of clinical tasks ranging from rapid cutting to stain removal. The added water source creates a gentle mist that surrounds the stream of abrasive powder, virtually trapping dust and debris for maximum patient comfort and increased cutting efficiency.

Being petite and mobile, PrepStart H2O will not take up much counter space which is an advantage in urban areas with limited real estate, or in a busy DSO-practice where equipment is typically shared among multiple operatory rooms. The unit comes with an ergonomic, pen-style handpiece and interchangeable, precision nozzle both of which can be autoclaved.  

For clinicians waiting for an air abrasion device that does not require rolling a large console on wheels into the operatory or assume the valuable space on countertops, PrepStart H2O is the instrument of choice. Not only will PrepStart deliver a solid clinical performance but also will it help improve the patient’s retention, directly contributing to increased efficiency and profitability in a dental practice.

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