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Ring In the New Year with Clear Aligners and a New Revenue Stream


The beauty of clear aligner therapy is that it practically sells itself: no unsightly wires and brackets of traditional braces; removable retainers so that patients can eat whatever they want and food doesn’t get trapped; and limited periodic visits to the dentist or orthodontist to monitor progress.

The offer is just as attractive to providers: submit digital impressions, photos, and x-rays, along with a prescription for custom aligners, and the clear aligner manufacturer handles the rest. Your valuable chair time is freed up as patients are only recalled periodically.  

So what holds patients back from receiving treatment? For that matter, what holds dentists back from offering clear aligner therapy? The answer is typically cost. Patients are concerned that treatment will cost more than traditional braces, while dentists are concerned that their lab fees will start to rack up.

ClearCorrect is a clear aligner provider that continually works to change this mindset. They offer an affordable system that helps dentists secure revenue while passing on savings to their patients.

When ClearCorrect was first evaluated by current users in 2011, many of the providers commended the aligners for their affordability to the dentist and patient. One evaluator said that the system gives clinicians “more bang for the buck.” Fast-forward to a recent DPS evaluation update, and affordability to the patient and practice is still the highest-rated feature, along with esthetics.

Interviews with ClearCorrect dentists have shed light on why the cost of providing treatment is so crucial. Many offered a competitor’s system before making the switch to ClearCorrect. Now, they do more clear aligner cases because of reduced costs, and they pass these savings onto their patients.

Here are 3 ways ClearCorrect can improve your bottom line:

1. The ClearCorrect system uses photos and digital scans, eliminating the need for costly impression material and reducing the need for retakes.

2. Through intuitive software, ClearCorrect’s system is generally more accurate and the company provides excellent customer service to ensure the fit is right. This communication reduces mid-course corrections, which can result in lost revenue if the dentist absorbs the lab fees.

3. Based on their production needs, dentists have two ways to pay for aligners: customizable Flex and full-featured Unlimited. Dentists or orthodontists who choose Flex will be able to purchase exactly as many (or as few) appliances as they need—single or dual-arch. This pay-per-aligner option can save the doctor up to 70% in lab fees. Meanwhile, providers who choose the Unlimited option get 5 full years of worry-free treatment, including retention, for one flat rate, regardless of activity. This program includes multiple sets of retainers, up to two pairs every 6 months, at no extra cost during the 5-year period.

Patients are happy with a streamlined treatment plan, improved esthetics, and affordability that’s on par with traditional braces. (Not to mention no “goop” impressions!)

Dentists are happy with a flexible system, saved chair time, and satisfied patients who are more likely to tell friends and family about their positive experience. That’s how ClearCorrect can help practices build a sustainable new revenue stream in 2019.  

Learn more at Also, if you’re attending the Greater New York Dental Meeting, stop by booth #618 for a closer look at the ClearCorrect system.

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