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The ROI of PSPs


The ROI of PSPs

air technique's phosphor storage plates (psp)What’s the ROI of your digital radiography system? The answer may depend on whether you use intraoral phosphor storage plates (PSPs) to capture 2D images. These thin and flexible plates allow clinicians to easily review, share, archive, or email digital images, while offering numerous advantages that can boost both practice efficiency and patient acceptance.

Air Techniques considered both profitability and productivity when creating ScanX PSPs, which are easy to place and offer greater access to difficult anatomy. Compatible with any ScanX digital radiography system, ScanX PSPs have a 100% active surface area to capture all areas of the patient's anatomy with fewer images.

“ScanX PSPs are incredibly thin and comfortable, and can access difficult anatomy that other intraoral imaging devices may struggle with," said Cresskill, NJ, clinician Dr. Stephen Dadaian. “I also can capture more surface area per exposure, which is a plus for both doctor and patient—I can obtain the diagnostic information I need while maximizing the chair time that I have.”

Comfortable, Reliable, & Reusable

ScanX PSPs feature a flexible design that allows them to fit comfortably in any patient's mouth. The plates are available in 5 sizes (0, 1, 2, 3, and 4) to accommodate children, adults, elderly patients, and those with TMJ issues, large tori, or gag reflexes. And because ScanX PSPs are durable and 30 times thinner than wired sensors, each plate can be reused hundreds of times.

“ScanX PSPs are cost-effective and have a great shelf life,” Dr. Dadaian added. “Because of this, my down time with Air Techniques products has been virtually zero."

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