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Keep Your Patients Healthy and Your Waterlines Healthier


Keep Your Patients Healthy and Your Waterlines Healthier

While biofilms are ubiquitous in nature and can be found virtually anywhere—from the steel hull of a ship to the belly of a dairy cow—their presence in your dental unit waterlines (DUWLs) can pose a real problem—that is, when they start to multiply and lay groundwork for difficult-to-kill human pathogens to thrive.

It’s no surprise that DUWLs are at high risk for microbial contamination, especially when you consider the low flow rates and frequent periods of stagnation common to most dental offices. But paying closer attention to this long, small-diameter tubing is the only way to ensure the safety of both your patients and your dental equipment.

Monarch Lines CleanerA Solution for Safe Waterlines

Many tablet, liquid, and cartridge systems are available to keep DUWLs safe from bacteria buildup, but for Jeffrey Briney, DDS, only one solution will do. After moving his office to a new location a few years ago with brand-new equipment, he assumed that filling the water-bottle system in each operatory will distilled water every night was enough to keep contamination at bay.

After submitting water samples from each of his 5 operatories for a DPS product evaluation, he was surprised to discover that none of the DUWLs in his 5 operatories met the EPA regulatory standards for drinking water of less than or equal to 500 colony-forming units per milliliter.

“While I was embarrassed by the results, it motivated me to get my lines back to the expected standard of care,” said Dr. Briney.

That motivation started with Air Techniques’ Monarch Lines Cleaner, a ready-to-use solution designed for both shock and maintenance treatment. With one fast, effective, and efficient application, it removes biofilm containing odor-causing bacteria from waterlines. And because its formula is pH-neutral, it can be left in the lines overnight without leaving stains or causing damage to metals and clog valves.

After coating the tubing walls in his practice nightly for 3 weeks to eliminate buildup in the waterlines, Dr. Briney and his dental team continued using Monarch Lines Cleaner on a weekly basis for another 6 weeks. Then, he resubmitted water samples for testing.

“Pardon the pun, but I was completely shocked and relieved to know my waterlines were back to health and there was no concern for patient safety,” he shared. “To say Monarch Lines Cleaner will consistently keep your waterlines safe is an understatement.”

Click to see a video of how easy it is to use Monarch Lines Cleaner for both shock and maintenance treatment of your DUWLs.

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