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Safety First with New Palmero Healthcare Products


Palmero Healthcare has some new products designed to keep you and your patients safe and healthy.

Tablet Barrier Sleeves
Don't risk contamination! When it comes to tools in the workplace, clean screens are a matter of patient and employee safety.

One accessory that can prevent cross-contamination is the Palmero Tablet Barrier sleeve. The one-size-fits-most (8 x 11.5 inches) disposable sleeve is easy to apply, doesn’t impede tablet usage and adheres securely to your mini- or full-sized tablet with or without a case.

The Palmero Tablet Barrier comes in a pack of 100 (Ref# 1804) and does not contain latex.

Dynamic Disposables PINK Safety Eyewear
Can an eyewear purchase also support breast cancer research? It can if it’s Palmero’s PINK Dynamic Disposables safety eyewear. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this eyewear goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.®

Dynamic Disposables eyewear is a lightweight, comfortable and cost-effective alternative to traditional protective glasses. It is designed to reduce eye-splash contamination and can be worn with prescription glasses.

The Office Pack option comes with 10 frames, 20 lenses and one cord (Ref# 3915). Replacement lens packs come in quantities of both 25 (Ref# 3916) and 100 (Ref# 3917).

ProvisionTM Anti-Fog Solution
Being able to see during a procedure is a necessity for any dental professional, and eyewear fog can compromise how well a clinician can see. Palmero’s new Provision Anti-Fog Solution is an easy-to-use, alcohol-free optical foaming cleaning solution.

Provision not only prevents fog, it also resists scratches, static and stains to your eyewear, face shields, mirrors, loupes and scopes. Just apply the foaming solution to the surface of your eyewear or face shield and wipe clean with a soft cloth—and your eyewear is protected. Provision is both non-toxic and non-flammable, further ensuring patient and clinician safety.

Provision’s formula is cost-effective; it yields five times the amount of applications than a traditional pump or squeeze bottle. It comes in either a 1.7 oz. (Ref# 3533) or 8 oz. size (Ref# 3536).

For more information on Palmero Healthcare’s portfolio of products, visit, email, or call 1-800-344-6424. Mention SAMNEWPRODUCT to receive a sample pack of Palmero’s three newest featured products.

To view Palmero Healthcare's latest products, please visit

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