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ScanX Classic | Streamlined Imaging Workflow


ScanX Classic

Intuitive and easy-to-use digital radiography system uses flexible and thin PSPs to save chair time and deliver clear images in seconds


Find out why Dr. Michael A. Miyasaki believes that Air Techniques’ ScanX Classic:

• Offers the dental team a simple, streamlined imaging workflow that saves the practice time and money.

• Captures a larger diagnostic area and produces clear images that lead to better patient communication.

When I purchased my current practice— back when some of my team members were still using flip phones—we were faced with the costly and time-consuming task of maintaining an x-ray film processor, which meant disposing of chemicals and submitting film x-rays to the insurance company. While I knew we needed to modernize our imaging routine, my concerns about drastically changing our workflow and the cost associated with those changes made me hesitant to go digital.

Once we integrated Air Techniques’ ScanX Classic digital radiography system into our office, we were extremely impressed. It made our transition into digital imaging simple and seamless.

scanX classic from air techniques with best product logo A Film-Like Workflow

With the ScanX Classic, digital images are captured using a thin and flexible ScanX PSP, or intraoral phosphor storage plate, which is placed into the unit. The ScanX Classic scans and erases the reusable PSP, and the scanned image goes into the patient’s digital file. Our office also has ScanX Swift, which is smaller and stays in the operatory for convenient chairside imaging.

Compared to our previous film processor, ScanX has saved us both time and cost of operation. Within a day of using ScanX technology, all of my team members were able to open the software, use the PSPs, transfer images to patients’ files, and manipulate the images comfortably.

We no longer need to purchase chemicals, which eliminates chemical disposal costs. Plus, using digital images has allowed us to go completely paperless, which makes sharing images with insurance companies and other third-parties more efficient.

Enhanced Diagnostics

ScanX PSPs have a capture area much larger than most sensors. Every image comes out clear and is easy to manipulate if needed; we can invert colors, sharpen details, increase or decrease brightness and contrast, and zoom in or out. We often put an image up on our large screen monitor in the operatory to help patients visualize their oral conditions. Having both intraoral images and digital radiographs for patients to view motivates them to accept treatment. Patients often feel more comfortable when they're shown a visual representation of their oral condition, and it fosters better communication about treatment. The diagnostic capabilities of the ScanX Classic make this possible.

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