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Take the Easy Route to Better Diagnosis


the Easy Route to Better Diagnosis: Schick 33 sensors

Schick 33 Sensor from Dentsply SironaAs a solo GP in Marysville, CA, Charles Kattuah, DDS, just wants a good quality image when it comes to diagnosing caries and other oral conditions. No artifacts or distortion ... just a crisp, detailed image to view and discuss with the patient.

Schick 33 sensors gave me that and more when I decided to purchase them,” he said of his switch to Schick 33 some 8 years ago.

The “more” that Dr. Kattuah mentions cannot be understated. In addition to the unprecedented image resolution, Schick 33 offers broad choices in sensor sizes and cable lengths, allowing clinicians to pick the most appropriate technology for their needs. 

The Kevlar-reinforced, silicon-coated cables help keep the sensor up and running, and the robust sensor interface ensures an extremely durable USB connection. Further, all sensors use replaceable cable technology—available in 3, 6, or 9 feet to fit any operatory.

Enhanced Dental Perception

Backed by expansive system choices and image enhancement capabilities, Schick 33 has the potential to transform patient care. For Dr. Kattuah, having the ability to highlight an area on an x-ray, change the contrast or sharpness by waving the mouse around, zoom in, and measure Schick 33 images has greatly benefitted his ability to diagnose.

“[Schick 33] has definitely lived up to my expectations,” he said.

Great Financing Deals

Fortunately, Schick 33 is now more affordable than ever, with Patterson Dental offering great deals on equipment purchases. Schick 33 and other imaging and operatory equipment are offered for 2.95% interest for 24 months; or 3 months of no interest and no payments. Check out the deals here.

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