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Score a Perfect 10 With This Pair


The finishing and polishing portion of a restoration may not be the most important elements of a procedure in terms of oral health (although they can minimize plaque accumulation and the risk of staining and degradation). But to the patient, these final steps often matter the most. While the dentist has already done much of the technically challenging work of the restoration, like an Olympic gymnast, the clinician really needs to stick the landing in order for the performance to be considered a success.

To increase the odds of scoring a perfect 10 with the patient, consider using NeoBurr finishing carbides and Minnow polishers from Microcopy.

NeoBurr finishing carbides have a patented Blended Neck design, which means these single-piece instruments can take a lot of punishment without breaking; the design also minimizes chatter as the dentist contours the composite. However, this innovative design is still compatible with standard handpieces. Because the weakest point of the carbide is reinforced in this design, the dentist will require fewer carbides during the restoration, saving both dollars and frustration. NeoBurr carbides come in a range of shapes and are available in operative and a variety of surgical shank lengths; some shapes have a gold-plated finish to add anti-microbial benefits.

However, because “finishing” doesn’t actually mean a restoration is finished, using a superior polisher next is just as important.

Minnow single-use polishers are small and agile: they fit easily into imperfections within the tooth without crumbling, and they can reach even the most challenging areas of the mouth. Choose from one of two options: Satin for everyday polishing needs and Hi-Gloss for smoothing surfaces during more challenging restorations. The single-use format enables the dentist to get a high-luster esthetic without worrying about cleaning and sterilizing the instruments.

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