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Secure Your Dental Imaging Software Before You Take the Digital Dive


"I'm done with the pink goop." That was the text message I received the other day from a relieved friend in a dental office. She had just been fitted for a sleep appliance. More on my behalf than her own, she asked the dentist if he had a digital scanner. He politely said he didn't have the technology yet. Yet =  the operative word for 2018, now almost 2019.

From sleep dentistry, CAD/CAM, and clear aligner therapy, digital imaging is the future of dentistry. More immediately, digital images are a necessary component of the electronic dental record. Whether you use pan, a digital intraoral scanner, or a digital sensor, you want the ability to easily attach images directly to the face of the dental chart and organize diagnostic and cosmetic images using one complete solution. XLDent’s ImageXL provides this seamless digital image integration and more.

With ImageXL, users can integrate almost any x-ray or camera currently on the market. The software stores images from any digital imaging peripheral and integrates them seamlessly into your patients' charts. Clinicians can see images directly on the face of the XLDent dental chart, pair with the functionality of a Tablet PC, note watch areas, and organize diagnostic and cosmetic images using one solution.

Not an XLDent user? Not a problem. ImageXL is compatible with all dental practice management systems. ImageXL is an open-design software that's scalable, meaning it's compatible with new technologies as you decide to add them to your practice.

Additionally, XLDent supports digital image attachments with NEA FastAttach, a web-based service that helps improve revenue cycles by allowing providers to efficiently transmit x-rays, perio charts, narratives, or other documentation required by an insurance payer to adjudicate a dental claim. NEA FastAttach eliminates lost or damaged attachments, and helps to speed up claims and pre-determination processing.

Beyond crucial charting functions, ImageXL offers Digital Whitening, a helpful patient education tool, and Cosmetic Imaging functions. Cosmetic Imaging is especially useful for dentists who specialize in cosmetic procedures because it incorporates the ability to demonstrate crown and amalgam replacement, periodontal treatment, orthodontic treatment, and other cosmetic procedures. This feature is available with the complete Lorin Library, which has "versions" of each smile design that compensate for the various ways patients smile and for the angle the portrait photo was taken. With ImageXL, you can import the entire smile for each design, or you can create your own "extraction" library from these images for a completely integrated simulation.

If you’re getting ready to ramp up your digital practice in 2019, don’t forget to start with the foundation: your software. Visit to learn more and request a demo.

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