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When you pair headlights with loupes, the results are more rewarding than you’d think. Denmat offers quality and cutting-edge products that will help you never miss a detail. You won’t believe how clearly you’ll be able to see with this dynamic duo.

With some of the most advanced and reliable technology, PeriOptix provides the highest quality magnification and illumination for dental professionals. The headlight systems offered are top in their class because of their ability to remove shadows and darkness during procedures, vastly improving visual acuity. Headlights are an easy and worthwhile upgrade to any pair of loupes.

There are three major types of lights, each designed with care and purpose, each to fit your practice’s needs. The Firefly headlights are impressive because they are cordless—they grant you the ability to move around freely during procedures sans interruption. They are a comfortable addition because of how lightweight they are. There are two settings for light intensity so you can choose the appropriate illumination for each unique procedure.

PeriOptix also features the MicroLine Mini, which is their lightest LED headlight—its diameter is similar to that of a dime and weighs just less than 9 grams. And its Solaris is best known for its brightness and is fully adjustable to 80,000 lux.

Although loupes help you to better recognize the small and easy-to-miss details within the oral cavity, headlights help to further enhance your vision, guaranteeing smooth procedures and ensuring that nothing will be overlooked. The paring of loupes and headlights are perfect for all dentists to ensure crystal clear vision during examinations.

“PeriOptix have greatly enhanced the way I practice dentistry,” Peter Vanstom, DDS, said. “No more irritating, twisting cords or heavy, cumbersome glass and headlights. [This is] illuminated magnification made comfortable. Thank you, PeriOptix.”

To find out how PeriOptix’s headlights can help shape your practice into a brighter and more reliable one, click here.

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