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See Your True Colors with Multi-layered Zirconia


A bad hair dye job is pretty obvious—the shade is both unnatural (unless that’s what you’re going for) and monotone, failing to reflect the natural variation of highlights and lowlights that happens. Thankfully, as anyone has reassured oneself after a makeover gone wrong, it’s only
hair, and (most of the time), it can grow back.

That same natural gradation occurs in teeth as well, and when doing a restoration, if you implant a monochromatic tooth, it won’t blend in with the rest of the patient’s teeth. However, a restoration is designed to be permanent, so there are no do-overs six to eight weeks later.

That’s why multi-layered zirconia is important, and in recent years the product has improved significantly. Zahn offers a pre-shaded, pre-colored layered disc, a far cry from its single-shade predecessor.

Using the four colors of the disc, technicians can achieve natural-looking restorations without having to dip or stain the crowns, as is needed with single-color zirconia. The colors mimic incisal, dentin, and gingiva. All that’s required is polishing or glazing the final restoration. This makes it ideal for anterior restorations. It’s also indicated for full contour crowns, two to three-unit bridges, telescopic crowns, and veneers.

Multi-layered zirconia has more going for it than just good looks. Multi-layered zirconia also has more indications and is stronger than lithium disilicate. It also can be used post-sintering should additional customization be necessary.

In fact, Daxton Grubb, president of R-Dent Dental Laboratory in West Bartlett, Tennessee, called multilayered zirconia “the highest quality, most esthetic materials available today,” resulting in “the most lifelike monolithic ceramic restoration available.” R-Dent has been using Zirlux Zirconia in its lab since the original product came to market and has been keeping pace with subsequent generations. Grubb said R-Dent relies on the product’s consistency and strength, and dentists have been very pleased with the results.

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