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Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches: A Safe Choice for Your Practice


SafeSeal Sterilization Pouches Ensure Proper Infection Control 

For every dental practice, keeping patients and staff safe is the number one priority.

Maintaining proper infection control protocols, including instrument sterilization, is an invaluable part of the process. While the basics of instrument sterilization are straightforward, the details—like the brand of sterilization pouch used—are what make the difference. Contrary to popular belief, not all sterilization pouches are created equal. Materials, seal strength and construction vary from pouch to pouch and poor quality can compromise sterilization efficacy. That is why it is so important to choose the right brand of pouch to entrust with the safety of your instruments and your practice.

Medicom SafeSeal Quattro Medicom® SafeSeal® Quattro self-sealing sterilization pouches deliver quality protection you can depend on.

Produced in the company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Augusta, Georgia, SafeSeal Quattro pouches are mechanically sealed using proprietary TruePress™ Technology, a process that firmly bonds film to paper. The result is a durable, leak-resistant pouch that ensures the sterility of your instruments.

Made from top-quality, porous, medical grade paper, SafeSeal Quattro pouches include many helpful features that are designed to maximize safety and efficiency.

Light blue-tinted film provides a clear view of the instruments inside the pouch and makes it easy to detect punctures or tears. The high quality of the materials used and the convenient thumb notch make it easy to peel SafeSeal Quattro pouches open after sterilization. The pouches also have an extra-wide chevron seal for protection against instrument breaches, as well as a wide, self-sealing adhesive strip that forms an airtight seal at the opposite end. SafeSeal Quattro pouches likewise have a perforated fold for more accurate adhesive strip sealing.

With simple, easy-to-read internal and external process indicators, SafeSeal Quattro pouches offer convenient confirmation of sterilization parameters that provide peace of mind. The multi-variable indicators are printed directly on the pouch and respond to time, temperature and steam so you can readily distinguish between processed and unprocessed units. When properly stored, SafeSeal Quattro pouches maintain instrument sterility for up to one year post-sterilization.

Medicom SafeSeal Quattro pouches are available in an array of sizes to suit all your instrument sterilization needs.

All pouches meet CDC guidelines for infection control, as well as AAMI ST-79, ISO 11607, ISO 11140-1 standards. To ensure product quality, SafeSeal Quattro pouches undergo four quality assessments and inspections and are tested and certified by an independent laboratory.

To learn more about SafeSeal Quattro pouches and other quality Medicom infection control and preventive products, please visit Medicom’s website.

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