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BioLinker Activator—the Secret Sauce in GUIDOR easy-graft


a simpler approach to multiple procedures - GUIDOR easy-graft 

Sunstar's Easy-Graft classic alloplastic bone grafting materialSeveral things set Sunstar’s GUIDOR® easy-graft® Classic Alloplastic Bone Grafting material apart from other bone grafting materials: it is a 100% synthetic biocompatible material that contains a polymer activator called BioLinker; it is the first mouldable, alloplastic bone graft substitute that offers fast in-situ hardening; and it is more versatile because, in most cases, a membrane is not necessary.

These characteristics provide the opportunity to simplify procedures compared to using granular cadaveric (allograft or xenograft) materials, for which a membrane is required to keep the graft in place during healing.

Eliminating the necessity for a dental membrane is a key feature for minimally invasive procedures.

The BioLinker polymer activator softens the polymer coating of the grafting granules, creating a sticky surface that causes the granules to stick to each other as they are compressed and shaped. BioLinker is flushed out of the material within hours as body fluids wash over the graft. This leaves spaces, or open pores, between the adjoined granules that support clots and allows areas for new vessels to develop. These spaces also promote optimal circulation of fluids, which results in increased osteoconductivity and bone formation.

As its name implies, GUIDOR easy-graft is easily syringed directly into the defect where it hardens into a stable, porous scaffold in just minutes after it comes into contact with blood.

It’s “mouldability” helps it pack perfectly within the defect morphology and provide excellent clot stability during the initial healing period. This makes it ideal for packing around dental implants, for socket preservation after tooth extraction, and in advanced sinus lift and ridge augmentation procedures.

Being available in a simple delivery system that comes in a complete kit eliminates the need for clinicians to identify what type of liquid (blood or saline) should be mixed with the granules. The kit includes a unit-dose syringe of β-tricalcium phosphate granules coated with a biodegradable polymer, and an ampule of BioLinker. Taking the guesswork out of this aspect of procedures enables clinicians to focus on preparing the site, shaping the grafting material, and wound closure. After placement, the material functions as a membrane, effectively creating a protective barrier between the soft and hard tissues for improved healing.

GUIDOR easy-graft with BioLinker provides a simpler approach to multiple procedures, including intraoral/maxillofacial osseous, extraction, periodontal, and peri-implant defects, guided bone regeneration, sinus floor augmentation, defects after removal of bone cysts, defects after root resection or apicoectomy, and defects created by removing autologous bone.

To read more about the material and watch videos on GUIDOR easy-graft application, click here

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