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Simple Yet Sophisticated Single-Use Matrix Bands


Whether placing composites or amalgam, successful Class II restorations require establishing tight proximal contacts and good anatomical contours. To achieve this level of precision, dentists often make use of metal or plastic bands known as matrices. These devices are secured around the crown of a tooth and confine restorative materials so that the clinician can more easily and predictably maintain contours and contacts.

While many product options are available on today’s market, it can be a challenge to find a matrix band that is not only be reliable and effective, but efficient and easy to use as well. Additionally, because of interaction with gingiva during the procedure, an ideal matrix band should be biocompatible and limit trauma to soft tissues. Moreover, exposure to saliva, blood and possibly infectious pathogens mean re-usable matrices need to be cleaned and sterilized between procedures, a task which can prove difficult given most bands’ complex surface morphology.

Medicom offers an innovative solution to these common problems with Pro-Matrix™, the next generation of matrix bands. A convenient, single-use option, Pro-Matrix is designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of modern dental professionals. Pro-Matrix is available in two band sizes with color-coded handles: wide (6mm, blue) and narrow (4.5mm, green), each measuring 0.038mm in band thickness. For patient comfort and safety, the retainer handle features smooth edges and the adjustment screw is completely enclosed within the plastic housing to protect soft tissues. Pro-Matrix is pre-assembled and has a tapered neck for easier placement, greater visibility and valuable time savings.

Featuring a sliding band deflector and smooth tightening mechanism, Pro-Matrix delivers a perfectly snug fit for both large and small restorations. As a result of this versatile functionality, Pro-Matrix can help streamline inventory. The band is made from recyclable materials and is intended for single-patient use, minimizing clean up and eliminating the risk of cross-contamination. For composite restorations, Pro-Matrix can be used in conjunction with a wedge to slightly separate teeth and better establish contours.

For even tighter interproximal contacts, Medicom has released Pro-Matrix™ Curve. This version combines the original Pro-Matrix’s innovative design features with a pre-contoured matrix band. The curved band promotes better contacts and reduces cupping by establishing a smooth external surface against which to pack restorative material. Pro-Matrix Curve is available in two band sizes with color-coded handles: wide (6mm, orange) for molar and larger restorations and narrow (4.5mm, yellow) for pediatric and premolar dentition.

Industry professionals have widely praised Pro-Matrix for its unique features, simple yet sophisticated design and overall ease-of-use.[1] To learn more about why so many dentists are choosing Pro-Matrix and order the product for your practice, visit Medicom’s website.

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