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Simplifying the Way to Beautiful Aesthetics


A technology at the forefront of restorative dentistry, computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) raises the bar for efficiency, speed and accuracy. CAD/CAM enables the design and creation of prostheses with exceptional strength, aesthetics and complexity as compared to conventional restorations. The technology likewise allows clinicians to improve affordability and workflow by simplifying and quickening the restorative process.

With Shofu Block & Disk HC and CAD/CAM Stain Kit, Shofu Dental takes full advantage of all CAD/CAM dentistry has to offer. Shofu Block & Disk HC is a hybrid ceramic restorative for CAD/CAM available in various shades and translucencies. Designed to mimic the translucency and fluorescence of real dentin and enamel, the bi-layered blocks provide remarkably natural-looking, long-lasting aesthetics.

Usable for nearly all indications of modern CAD/CAM technology, Shofu Block & Disk HC is suitable for fast milling and broad applications including anterior and posterior restorations for inlays and onlays, full-contour crowns, implant-supported cases and more. With its proprietary nano-architecture, Shofu Block & Disk HC maintains high flexural strength and wear resistance for excellent durability, polishability and longevity.

The perfect companion to restorations fabricated chairside, Lite Art can add another layer of realism to Shofu Block & Disk HC. By using the two together, clinicians can create truly life-like restorations while saving on time and treatment costs.

A universal, light-cured CAD/CAM stain kit for hybrid ceramics, Lite Art takes aesthetics to the next level. The assortment of stains included accurately replicate the optical properties of natural teeth and can be layered alone or blended to reliably match any number of shades. Lite Art’s unique chemical composition ensures adhesion to a variety of substrates including direct and indirect resin-based materials. Additionally, its low viscosity enables precise application and minimizes product waste.

To learn more and order Shofu Block & Disk HC, CAD/CAM Stain Kit and additional CAD/CAM products for your practice, visit Shofu’s website.

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