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A Blurry Start Saved by Zest’s ZNano


A Blurry Start Saved by Zest’s ZNano

Along with altering the way people work, travel, and communicate, COVID-19 has forced dental offices everywhere to adapt and meet the new needs of our evolved society. Even after practices returned from a temporary closure and updated their practice protocols, hours, and communication methods, many patients opted to receive remote care whenever the option was available. 

znano universal compositeCase in Point

This past year, Dr. Michael A. Miyasaki received an email from a patient that contained a blurry selfie picture. The patient, who lived a few hours away, wanted to know what could be done to improve his smile before visiting Dr. Miyasaki’s Sacramento, CA, office. The doctor had trouble making a diagnosis because the image was too blurry, so after recommending a comprehensive exam, the patient decided to come into the office. There, they agreed on a treatment plan that included at-home tooth whitening and direct composite restorations.

“While this case may have begun with a blurry start, the results made for a stellar finish that met all the patient’s desires,” shared Dr. Miyasaki, who detailed the restorative work in a recent DPS case study. “Because we used air abrasion to clean and prepare the teeth, as well as to enhance the bond strength and chameleon properties of the Zest’s ZNano composite, treatment did not require anesthetic. Using a composite material like ZNano that has great handling and polishability was essential to achieving an esthetic result.”

A Simple Shade Match

Along with producing great esthetics, ZNano can be used for a wide range of indications, including all classes of direct restorations, composite inlays and onlays, reconstruction of damaged teeth, diastema closure, and shade correction. A shade-adaptive universal nanocomposite, it simplifies the shade selection process by balancing the chroma and value of one hue with another—allowing clinicians to recreate the complex topography and optical characteristics of natural teeth using fewer steps and materials, as demonstrated by Dr. Miyasaki.

Learn more about Zest’s ZNano here.

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