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Spear Masters Program Offers Specialists Next-Level Growth Opportunity


Referrals are vital to any practice’s growth. While word-of-mouth referrals can provide a pipeline of new patients to general dentists, specialists need more. They need to develop their professional relationships with referring dentists. Of course, this is easier said than done in today’s evolving landscape, where the rules of engagement are ever-changing.  

Time and resources are two of the biggest barriers to growth. You may be too busy in day-to-day practice and studying your specialty. You may be wary of costly programs with uncertain outcomes, or maybe you’re just not sure of the best way to retrain your staff and reallocate their time. If this sounds familiar, you may want to explore a new opportunity from Spear Education, the Spear Masters Program, designed to help you master practice growth strategies while maximizing your time.

How do you know if the Spear Masters Program is right for you? Here are two FAQs:  

Q: Do you need to be a leader or member of a Spear Study Club to join the Spear Masters Club?

A: A specialist who is not currently a leader/co-leader or member of a Spear Study Club, but who is looking to start their own club, can sign a reservation agreement. They must then form their club 60 days prior to the first workshop.

Q. Does your specialty have to be implant surgery?

A: In 2018, the program focused on surgical because Spear had the most content available for this group to work with and educate restorative doctors. However, starting this year and going forward, the program will be open to various specialists.

Dr. Mark Sutor, a periodontist from Bloomington, IN, is a busy specialist who has experienced the benefits of the Spear Masters Program. “It refocused me and forced me to think about the things that are instrumental in growing referral relationships and growing the practice,” he said. “Then, it provided the tools to make it simple to take action right away. It’s the kind of experience that makes you eager to get back to the practice and start putting the ideas to work.”

Annual membership in the program includes seats for up to three registrants—the specialist and two team members. The Spear Masters Program is developed with specific touchpoints and milestones to reach during the first year. After Spear’s regular touchpoints, including one-on-one program coaching with your team, you will be looped in to a specific plan of action to continue at your current pace or to bridge the gap to reach your desired outcomes.

Key features of the program include in-person workshops held at Spear’s headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ, one-on-one coaching,  planning and strategy tools with clearly defined outcomes, and supplemental online education.

“Having my key team members there at the workshop to absorb that message in the powerful way it was presented was a real ‘a-ha moment,’ for everyone, and for once I felt that we were all on the same page,” said Dr. Sutor.

Joanna Anderson, Dr. Sutor’s professional relationship director (PRD), agreed and said the program gave her a new outlook on her role in the practice.

“Over the years, I have become friends with many of the people in our referring practices, but now I have more of a defined purpose, and it’s taking those relationships to another level,” she reflected. “I also like the idea of the follow-up webinars for PRDs that are part of the Masters Program. That kind of accountability and sense of community is so important in staying motivated and energized, and keeping the learning process going.”

After completing the Masters Program workshops, Dr. Sutor and his team implemented their plan and saw immediate results. “The first full month since we have implemented our plans... was easily our best month of the year,” Dr. Sutor added. “We ended up doing around $26,000 more in production over the year before.”

If you’re ready to elevate your leadership skills and pursue a growth strategy with real results, the Spear Masters Program could be the right platform for you. Learn more and read more case studies at

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