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Spreading Smiles Throughout the World


Passion is an important aspect of life that can be contagious. Dr. Jeffrey Briney, a general dentist in Dana Point, CA , is very passionate about his profession and enjoys the broad spectrum of general dentistry and thinking outside the box. Every day is different. Every patient is different. All aspects of dentistry are wrapped up into one.

As part of his passion for dentistry, Dr. Briney believes that it’s important to give back to others and provide happiness in this world. A smile is the first sign that a person is happy, so he volunteers a couple times a year on mission trips to help improve the smiles of those less fortunate. Most recently, he traveled to Haiti with Evolution Haiti to provide much-needed dental care to children in orphanages and to other local residents. It’s a blessing to serve those who are less fortunate, Dr. Briney says, and he enjoys sharing his stories with other dentists. When he presents at dental conferences he encourages other dentists to donate their time and professional knowledge to this cause.

Here, he shares a success story of a 12-year-old girl from Dubai who received clear aligner therapy. Thanks to the help of ClearCorrect and Dental Monitoring, Dr. Briney was able to manage her treatment from 9,500 miles away.

After just returning from my mission in Haiti in August 2017, a 12-year-old girl from Dubai showed up at my office unexpectedly with her father. She was desperately seeking to straighten her teeth, but in Dubai traditional braces are frowned upon because it’s a sign of vanity.  Prior to coming to southern California on vacation, this girl had researched alternatives for straightening teeth and discovered clear aligners. Her dad promised her that when they came to the US he would find her a dentist who offered clear aligners. Luckily that was me.

Although I was reluctant to see a walk-in during an extremely busy emergency filled Monday, I had to make sure that the father didn't break his promise to his daughter, so I took them back and examined her. Her case was an extremely difficult case and on top of it all they were leaving in 3 days to go back to Dubai. This is where ClearCorrect comes to the rescue.

I called some of the head people at ClearCorrect and told them that we needed to expedite this case and bring ClearCorrect to the Middle East. We were able to scan her teeth and submit her case, and within 2 days we were able to present the girl with her dream - clear aligners. 

Two weeks later I received a phone call from some very important people in Dubai to find out that this girl was royalty and her dad was in the family with the King of Dubai. They invited me to be one of the key speakers at AADEC in Dubai in February 2018 where I presented with the King present.

I just received photos of the patient’s current status, and she is almost finished with her treatment and it looks amazing. I’ve been using Dental Monitoring to track her case from 9,500 miles away and feel so fortunate to have been a part of making this girl’s dream come true. I’m hoping this case will help bring clear aligner therapy to the Middle East to improve smiles and help spread happiness throughout the world.

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