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SprintRay Pro Paves The Way For In-Office 3D Printing


The new SprintRay Pro 3D printer, announced at the Chicago Midwinter meeting in November of last year, is getting lots of attention due to its incredible throughput, user-friendly design, and superb support. The printer allows dentists to take control of digital dentistry – from setting their own fees to offering personalized care. Thanks in part to its open-certified resin platform, SprintRay Pro offers huge ROI today and big potential for tomorrow’s breakthroughs.

Speed and Throughput

SprintRay Pro features a massive 31in2 build area, allowing doctors to print up to 22 full-arch models simultaneously. And, because it uses advanced DLP technology, that full platform can print in as few as two hours. Thanks to a new projector and patented tank technology, SprintRay Pro doesn’t require a tilting motor, reducing the number of moving parts and further increasing speed.

That speed comes with an industry-leading number of supported resin brands. SprintRay Pro users can choose materials from SprintRay, Dentca, NextDent, and Dreve (coming soon). This breadth of choice when it comes to FDA materials means that clinics of any type can see rapid returns, no matter which applications they’re printing. And, because all four brands are fully supported, live technicians are on standby to provide expert printing advice.

User-Friendly Design

SprintRay Pro features a 7” touchscreen powered by a 6-core onboard computer. Its unique operating system, printOS, offers contextual help and step-by-step instructions for every print to increase success rates and reduce mistakes. This system gives doctors the confidence to try new prints or, when they’re in the throes of maximum production, pass off the rote tasks of printing to office staff members without worrying about potential mistakes.

RayWare 2.0 includes AI-driven CAD software that allows doctors to close, base, and orient raw scan data into fully-printable files with a single click. This powerful addition can save hours of time and hundreds of dollars in lab fees, enabling the rapid production of even more dental appliances.

Live Customer Support

Although SprintRay tries to make 3D printing as easy as possible with SprintRay Pro, things don’t always go to plan. And when that happens, SprintRay provides live, complimentary lifetime support for all their 3D printers. Their technicians are knowledgeable and operate out of SprintRay’s Los Angeles headquarters, so they have access to the full resources of the company.

A resource center designed to walk customers through every step of 3D printing and provide foundational knowledge for advanced techniques is also available on SprintRay’s website. Add to that a robust community of users and thought leaders, and printing almost anything seems possible.

SprintRay Pro: The Printer for Every Clinic

Due to its category-leading throughput, ease of use, and robust support network, SprintRay Pro truly is the first 3D printer that belongs in every clinic. Its versatility means that every practice type, from general practitioner to prosthodontist, can benefit from the appliances it produces. And its many paths to rapid ROI gives peace of mind that it won’t become an office relic collecting dust in the corner. 3D printing is changing dentistry, and SprintRay Pro is the best choice for any dentist who wants to easily, successfully leverage the power of this technology in their office.

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