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Step Up Your Suction System


Two unique and timesaving products, Ivory ReLeaf and Ivory LinguaGuard, recently became available through Kulzer’s network of dental distributors.

If you’re not familiar with these products, you may be interested to know that they can improve your suction process at your practice.

Hands-free dental suction system Ivory ReLeaf connects easily to existing dental vacuum systems and provides efficient and comfortable suction during scaling, polishing, sealing and rinsing. The system can be operational in seconds.

Suction occurs in a 280-degree area around the outer edge of the ReLeaf, and the clinician can reach all areas of the mouth. The innovative design allows patients to move their head, communicate and even close their mouth without compromising suction. The patient stays dry, which benefits both clinician and patient alike.

ReLeaf can accommodate patients of diverse dental anatomies because it uses the cheek and vestibule area for support instead of relying on the shape of the arch or the orientation of the teeth. Clinicians also report that the design has been effective with patients who have a strong gag reflex. ReLeaf saves up to 15 minutes per patient.

Meanwhile, disposable add-on Ivory LinguaGuard allows dental professionals to retract and protect the tongue during suction. LinguaGuard attaches to the vented end of the straw, so the clinician only needs one hand for the apparatus, opposed to using one hand to hold the tongue with a mirror and then using the other hand to hold the straw. By freeing up a hand, the clinician reduces chair time, increases efficiency and improves the patient experience.

“The ReLeaf and LinguaGuard product lines are perfect complements to our portfolio of innovative technologies that enhance practice productivity and patient comfort,” said John Vitale, Kulzer’s North America president. Vitale said he was eager to increase awareness and use of these products.

To learn more about LinguaGuard and ReLeaf, or to request a sample, visit

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