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Stock vs. Custom Abutments: Making the Right Choice


I’ll be needing an implant placed soon, so given my immersion in everything dental for almost 20 years, I began doing some research. It’s great that I have access to so many dentist friends to provide advice.


One piece of the puzzle I’ve been looking at is the abutment. My dentist wants to do a custom abutment, but I’ve been asking questions about stock abutments, just to make sure the end result (and price tag) will be right for me.


In all of my asking around, this is what I’ve discovered (you might find this useful when your patients start asking the same questions):


Stock abutments:

  • They’re made for both tissue- and bone-level implants, but they’re best for tissue level and nowhere near the esthetic zone.
  • Most dentists find them easy to use.
  • The price is right for the dentist, which can be passed along to the patient.
  • They come in straight and angled versions, but the crown margins can’t be very precisely controlled (refer back to “nowhere near the esthetic zone”).


Custom abutments:

  • They can be made to precisely fit the implant position.
  • Custom abutments truly are made for both tissue- and bone-level implants, so they work just fine if esthetics are important.
  • They’re more expensive than stock abutments.
  • You get good tissue management with custom abutments.


I certainly see the benefit of stock abutments, but I think I’ll take my dentist’s advice and go with the custom option. The implant will be placed at the tooth No. 6 position, so I want it to look as natural as possible.


I suggest you take a look at all of the abutments listed on the Dental Product Shopper website and read the evaluations and case studies to learn more about your abutment options.

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