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Study: NeutraSal Lowers Toxicities Observed During Head and Neck Radiation


A study recently presented at the Oncology Nursing Society 38th Annual Congress has found that patients undergoing head and neck radiation who routinely used NeutraSal, a supersaturated calcium phosphate oral rinse, significantly mitigated the severity of acute mucosal toxicity. Additionally, the results compared favorably to historical outcomes with salt and soda rinses.

The study showed preference among 35 patients for NeutraSal to standard-of-care salt and soda rinses. All 35 patients were receiving radiation therapy and among them, 12 patients were receiving chemotherapy and radiation therapy concurrently. 

A press release about the study states: 

Among the 35 patients evaluated, oral toxicities associated with radiation therapy were found to be significantly lower with the use of NeutraSal than with historical averages. Compared with a historical rate of 100% for xerostomia for patients receiving either radiation therapy alone or chemoradiotherapy, the patients who used NeutraSal had a rate of 15% for radiation therapy and 35% for those receiving both radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Patients also reported less opioid use and an ability to return to a normal diet and weight within 42 to 50 days after treatment. Overall, they had an 85% satisfaction rate for NeutraSal.

Read the full release by clicking here


PHOTO CREDIT: The Oral Cancer Foundation

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