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A Bonding Agent that Gets Right Down to Business


A Bonding Agent that Gets Right Down to Business

There’s no doubt about it: we’re living in a material world. A restorative material world, that is, and one that is becoming increasingly challenging to navigate. Case in point: universal bonding agents. Most manufacturers have altered their adhesive formulas to accommodate all etching techniques as well as ensure chemical compatibility with all light-, self-, and dual-cure materials.

So, while the chemistries behind these bonding agents are becoming more and more complex, the benefit to clinicians is just the opposite—a simplified restorative procedure that virtually eliminates mistakes and increases the potential for successful patient outcomes.

“Whether you’re carving amalgams or doing single composites, the challenge is to do beautiful dentistry based on great science, which is why I’ve used Kuraray Noritake products my entire career,” said Jeffrey C. Hoos, DMD, FAGD, who lectures extensively on his innovati

ve methods in restorative dentistry, implants, and removable prosthetics, among other topics.

clearfil universal bond quick Success Comes from Serious Science

While there is serious science at work behind Kuraray’s CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick—including the new original MDP monomer and AMIDE-based chemistry—all you need to know is that the adhesive creates a rapid bond to dentin, enamel, and virtually all restorative materials in a way that reduces application and waiting time…without compromising bond strength.

And, of course, its versatility allows it to be used with all etching techniques as well as all light-, self-, or dual-cure materials.

At the end of the day—and perhaps at the beginning of the day, too—dentists aren’t scientists and scientists aren’t dentists. That’s why Kuraray handles the science so you can focus on providing great patient care. Or, as Dr. Hoos likes to measure success, striking a balance between the art, science, and business of dentistry.

“The mission statement of my practice is to provide the highest-quality care for the greatest number of patients while maintaining a balance between the art, science, and business of dentistry,” shared Dr. Hoos. “Whether I’m rebuilding teeth using CLEARFIL PHOTO CORE, creating a strong bond with CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick, or cementing KATANA zirconia crowns with PANAVIA cement, I know that everything is compatible and that I’m not only mechanically cementing my case, but chemically bonding the zirconia into place.”


In this case example, Dr. Hoos treats a patient over 9 months in a 30-crown case using Kuraray Noritake restorative materials and KATANA zirconia.

Full smile after using Clearfil from Kuraray

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