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How much time could you save if you only had to place a suction device in a patient’s mouth once?

If you’re looking for relief from constant replacement of your suction device, you’ll find it with Ivory® ReLeaf™, a hands-free suction device from Kulzer, launched earlier this year.

ReLeaf, a patient friendly, hands-free high-volume evacuation suction device, assists with evacuation and retraction during cleanings, restorations and more. The innovative design features a disposable, universal, leaf-shaped mouthpiece that uses the cheek and vestibule for support as it sucks from all four quadrants to maintain a dry field in your patient’s mouth.

Ivory ReLeaf was designed to address common concerns for clinicians and patients alike.

The leaf’s latex and BPA-free polymer composition makes it both soft and comfortable for the patient. The device does not obstruct either the patient’s airway, minimizing the risk of claustrophobia, or the soft pallet, nearly eliminating the risk of a gag reflex. In fact, patients can move their heads freely, so they can communicate with the clinician easily during treatment.

For the clinician, ReLeaf allows you to maintain a consistent and complete view of your patient’s oral cavity. Plus, without the patient backflow that can come from a low-volume saliva ejector, you can minimize the risk of contamination and infection, maintaining a safe environment for all of your patients.

From a practical standpoint, Ivory ReLeaf conveniently connects to your existing vacuum system in under a minute. Speaking of time, Kulzer estimates you can save 15 minutes of chair time per patient while using the Ivory ReLeaf (not to mention any additional lost time addressing patient discomfort). That time adds up to increased production and revenue for your practice.

Interested to find out how the Ivory ReLeaf can help your practice? Learn more at

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