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Take Composite Polishing to the X-Treme


The importance of finishing and polishing composite resin restorations cannot be understated. A multi-step process, finishing and polishing serves the twofold purpose of elevating both the esthetics and the functionality of the restoration. The smooth, high-sheen surface of a well-polished composite creates the natural look and comfortable feel desired by patients. Additionally, a properly finished and polished tooth surface can guard against harmful bacterial colonization while improving composite strength and the tooth’s occlusal/bite relationship. As Joshua Austin, DDS, FAGD writes, quality finishing and polishing can take a composite restoration “from good to great.”[1]

Alongside the development of new materials and the ever-increasing placement of anterior and posterior composites, professionals have sought ways of streamlining and systematizing finishing and polishing. Shofu Dental Corporation has been a pioneer in this realm and for decades has manufactured innovative finishing and polishing solutions such as the award-winning Super-Snap® system. Now, Shofu has introduced Super-Snap X-Treme, an enhancement to the original system that promises to deliver easier and more exceptional polishing.

An advanced 3D polishing technology, Super-Snap X-Treme allows you to create a high-gloss, low-roughness surface in as little as 15 seconds with a simplified, two-step process. The enhanced green (fine) and red (superfine) disks of Super-Snap X-Treme are made of aluminum oxide and have no metal center. These disks are thicker than those of the original Super-Snap which improves durability and stiffness and allows you to apply gentle pressure while maintaining tactile sense. Despite their increased thickness, the disks remain flexible enough for you to follow the natural curvature of the tooth and maneuver interproximally without warping.

Super-Snap X-Treme’s red disks feature an extra 3D coating and semi-spherical grits to help discharge ground debris and reduce clogging. This design likewise serves to lessen heat generation and can prevent secondary scratches and denaturation of the composite material. Super-Snap X-Treme disks are double-sided, disposable and available in two sizes—12mm (standard) and 8mm (mini). For a complete, four-step finishing and polishing experience, you can use Super-Snap X-Treme disks alongside Super-Snap coarse (black) and medium (violet) disks. Super-Snap X-Treme can also be used with Shofu’s Beautifil Flow Plus® X restorative to obtain a 100% increased shine.

To learn more and order Super-Snap X-Treme for your practice, visit Shofu’s website.

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