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Take X-Rays Like a Pro — Rely on the Technology

Do you ever wonder how photographers can consistently produce amazing, high-res pictures? While a great deal of skill is involved, the technology used to capture those photos is equally as important. Just as photographers who use best-in-class equipment have the ability to create the highest quality photos, clinicians who use the DEXIS Platinum sensor are getting a combination of proprietary hardware and software technologies that produce extremely clear, sharp and highly detailed radiographs—at lower exposure settings.
The DEXIS Platinum sensor outperforms other X-ray systems because it was developed with the clinician’s needs in mind.  Its PureImage technology produces images that reveal subtleties that are crucial to diagnosis. The images are of such quality that they bring out minor details that would otherwise be lost; they contain a high signal-to-noise-ratio resulting in the clearest of images; and the sensor is capable of capturing 16,000 shades of gray, allowing the dentist to see subtle variations and densities within the X-rays.

Even in situations where the exposure is not ideal, DEXIS still produces reliable images. This is possible because DEXIS radiographs are more consistent and clinically useable at a wider range of exposure settings than those of the other sensor. Practitioners benefit from a reduction in the number of time consuming, exposure-related retakes, and patients benefit from the reduction in radiation.

Ultimately, the radiographs produced with DEXIS technology help dentists and patients feel more confident. Dentists can be more confident in their diagnoses, and patients can have more confidence in their dentists’ proposed treatment plans —that can result in greater case acceptance.
To learn more about making your imaging more efficient with DEXIS, click here.


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