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Taking Polishing to an X-Treme Level

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3D technology is what makes Shofu Dental Corporation’s Super-Snap X-treme polishing disks take your restorations to their esthetic max. The Red SuperFine X-Treme disk has greater flexibility and durability, and allows greater tactile feel during use. The Red SuperFine disk results in extremely glossy results because 3D spherical shaped grits allow space to discharge grit and ground debris. This reduces clogging and scratching. These polishing disks are thicker, which makes them more flexible and durable, as well as allows them to be used with greater force without increasing surface roughness or causing warping. Yet, while they are thicker, they are still ultra thin and ideal for interproximal use. Also, they have no metal center, so eliminate the risk of gouging restorations and adjacent enamel.

Available as a kit or in single packs in two sizes, standard 12 mm and mini 8 mm, these double-sided disposable aluminum oxide disks can be used in combination with other Super-Snap refill disks as well. For example, for a complete four-step system, use with use with Super Coarse (black) and medium violet refill disks. For more information and to download the brochure, click here.






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