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Talking About OptiBond Universal...


…with Charles Christianson, Global Product Manager for KaVo Kerr’s OptiBond Universal


OptiBond Universal launched in May and is an exciting new addition to the OptiBond family of products. We saw the need to create a secondary addition to our Universal Bonding Agent segment, and OptiBond Universal satisfied the need for a one-bottle bonding agent. From our customers, there has been a massive increase in demand for simplicity and convenience.

The OptiBond family also includes OptiBond Solo Plus and OptiBond XTR, our two-bottle universal adhesive. KaVo Kerr’s GPDM monomer is a fantastic building block for all of its adhesives, which translates into great bond strength. If bond strength is what the doctor is looking for without any ancillary components, OptiBond XTR satisfied that need while providing high bond strengths. For ease of use in a single-bottle solution that can be used anywhere, OptiBond Universal is a great choice. I should note that our bond strength testing with OptiBond Universal has been fantastic. I believe the market standard is 21 MPa, and OptiBond Universal is well above that.

OptiBond Universal offers versatility powered by efficacy while still having that kind of exceptional performance Kerr products have always had. What it really comes down to is understanding the needs and preferences of our clinicians. At the end of the day, the number one clinician concern is still peace of mind that the patient will not experience postoperative sensitivity or a failed restoration. We hope that our OptiBond family of products continues to address that need and allows for more predictability and reliability.

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