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Talking About OptiBond Universal: Part 2


…with Charles Christianson, Global Product Manager for KaVo Kerr’s OptiBond Universal


After speaking with many dentists, we found that they are willing to try different composites as they become more comfortable with adhesive dentistry. While some are not likely to change what they’ve been using for many years, most will consider switching their composite materials about every 18 months, and try something new every 6 months. This tells us that speaking with the practitioner is crucial toward assessing their changing needs and incorporating their suggestions.

Bonding is a risk-averse procedure and there are implications that result from poor adhesion, including debonding, marginal leakage, staining, and postoperative sensitivity. At the end of the day, simplicity and reliability are needed for proper adhesion. OptiBond Universal is both hydrophyllic and hydrophobic with excellent wetting capabilities, properties inherent within our GPDM technology. With its thin viscosity, OptiBond Universal can be consistently applied to both dentin and enamel in a uniform manner.

Understanding the dentists’ needs is critical and it was important that in the design of this product, we listened to the market and what clinicians needed. OptiBond Universal is an example of another fantastic addition to our adhesives family.

OptiBond Universal earned a rating of 4.7 out of 5 by evaluators and was named a “Best Product” by Dental Product Shopper. Click here for more information.


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