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Technology Takes Flight with SomnoMed Fusion


Can wings make time fly when it comes to making adjustments to a chronic obstructive sleep apnea device?

They can when they’re part of the SomnoDent Fusion™ from SomnoMed, which features two titration technologies to achieve a 8.5mm adjustment range. A maxillary lug on device allows for small tweaks (.1mm), but for larger adjustments (1 mm), use the snap-off wings that are held by a metal retaining clip.

Each wing has a set calibration level. The device comes with three additional sets of wings so a custom calibration can be reached.

A two-pin key is included with the Fusion. One pin is for making the smaller adjustments to the lug. The other pin allows removal and replacement of the wing. Wings audibly click into place so you know they are secure on the device.  

What makes the Fusion’s titration technology noteworthy is that it eliminates adjustments from the manufacturer and the downtime that requires. During that downtime, the patient may continue to experience the dangerous symptoms of sleep apnea. Eliminating that downtime eliminates that risk.

The Fusion wasn’t just created with functionality in mind—it features SomnoMed’s proprietary SMH BFlex material to ensure a comfortable fit and encourage patient compliance. The Fusion comes with a three-year warranty.

Dental Product Shopper evaluators were enthusiastic about the Fusion and gave it an impressive 4.7. It was also named a Best Product. Evaluators praised the device’s ease of use and adjustment, and 11 of the 12 evaluators said they would definitely purchase it.

“This appliance is so advanced [compared to] any other oral appliance on the market. It really shows that the company understands what dentists need in an appliance for the successful treatment of patients with obstructive sleep apnea,” one evaluator said.


More and more clinicians are learning how to identify and treat patients with sleep apnea. Visit the SomnoMed site to learn more about the Fusion as a treatment device.

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