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The Benefits of Hemostatic Gauze


After a tooth has been extracted, stopping bleeding is the first order of business. It speeds up wound healing, and provides more than one kind of relief for patients. When blood mixes with saliva, it looks like there is a lot more blood than there really is, which can make one freak right out!

Medicom has a solution for that. SafeGauze HemoStat is a nonwoven “sponge” that can be placed into the extraction socket to stop bleeding. SafeGauze HemoStat is a sterile fabric made by chemically treating regenerated cellulose that comes in 0.75”x0.75 4-ply pieces. It does not need to be secured with stitches, which saves chair time and further insult to surrounding tissues. It absorbs water, blood, and other fluids, turning to a clear gel within seconds of placement. The soaked cellulose then fills up the wound void, essentially forming a plug that puts pressure on blood vessels and seals capillary ends. This activates the natural clotting system, rapidly slowing and stopping bleeding, even in patients taking blood thinners. SafeGauze HemoStat works well as a dressing for the wound, and has natural antibacterial properties that also help with healing. Unlike ordinary gauze, as the wound heals, the gel dissolves, so there is no need to retrieve it. The gauze comes individually wrapped in blister packs, which maintains the integrity of unused squares.

SafeGauze can be used for topical wounds and to control of bleeding during extractions, periodontal surgery, implant procedures, alveolar socket grafting, internal sinus elevation, and other selected procedures. You can visit their page to request free samples

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