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The Blue Standard in Rotary Files


Dentsply Sirona’s Vortex Blue Rotary File has a visible titanium oxide layer that distinguishes it from the pack, much like its optimal performance sets it apart. With cyclic fatigue being the leading cause of file separation, it’s important to use a file that resists such challenges. Research has found that there is a minimum of 65% improvement over cyclic fatigue resistance over M-Wire NiTi and a minimum of 99% improvement in cyclic fatigue resistance over standard NiTi.

The file’s increased torque strength helps you shape canals with confidence and precision. Once in the canal, Vortex Blue follows the canal’s natural curvature, making the shaping process easier, reliable, and more efficient. The file’s engineering reduces shape memory, which helps it stay centered in the canal. Vortex Blue is unique in that it battles cyclic fatigue while maintaining a remarkable torque strength—neither is sacrificed.

This year, Vortex Blue has been receiving much attention for its prowess and durability. The winning case of the 2018 Shape Up Challenge was awarded to Dr. Strud L. Tutwiler of St. Louis University for his well-executed clinical case using Vortex Blue Rotary Files. The power of Vortex Blue is undeniable when you try them yourself.


[1] Ya Shen, Gary Shun-pan Cheung, Zbuan Bian, Bin Peng. “Comparison of Defects in ProFile and ProTaper Systems after Clinical Use.” Journal of Endodontics, Vol. 32, No. 1, (2006), pp. 61-65.

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