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The Definition of a Universal Adhesive

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In the case of Bisco’s All-Bond Universal, “universal” means it can be used for virtually everything: direct restorations, indirect restorations, in conjunction with other materials, in any etch situation, and without needing any additional activators. This has to be the definition of truly universal

All-Bond Universal contains MDP monomer, which enhances durability. It has an ultra mild acidity, so it is compatible with all dual- and self-cured materials. It can be applied to dentin, cut enamel, uncut enamel, zirconia, alumina, titanium, base, nobel, and high noble metals, lithium disilicate, glass ceramic, and composite.

With the flexibility of using it with total- or self-etch protocols as well as light-, self-, or dual-cured resin composite and cement materials, it is easily adaptable to both direct and indirect procedures without needing to switch up your clinical processes or materials.

All-Bond Universal’s hydrophilic formula is “resin friendly” and provides improved bonding. Its low film thickness enables it to flow better. And virtually no post-op sensitivity is reported.

It’s worth noting again that while other single-bottle adhesives may require an activator when used for indirect restorations, All-Bond Universal adhesive does not. And it’s now available in unit doses, eliminating waste. Its versatility might just seem to be too good to be true, but it’s not! Click here for more information.

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