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The Future Is Here: Phasor Uses Near-Infrared Wavelengths to Heat Composites


Vista Dental Products has changed the composite delivery game with a new system that uses near-infrared technology to quickly heat compules. The result is reduced chair time and improved restorations.

Phasor™’s patent-pending technology heats composite to 150 degrees in seconds, retains that heat during the procedure, and yet stays cool to the touch.

Heating your composite offers many benefits over using it at room temperature. The heat lowers its viscosity, making for better adaptation and handling while increasing depth of cure. The ability to place and cure larger layers reduces procedure time. With Phasor, packable composite adapts as if it were a flowable.

Heat also improves the quality of the restoration, creating a more durable outcome by reducing voids and microleakage and the risk of secondary caries. A report from the University of Sao Paolo agrees, finding “Pre-heated composite showed fewer gaps at the tooth-restoration interface than room-temperature composite.”

Using heated composite with the Phasor is safe - you won’t damage the pulp tissue or cause any discomfort to the patient during the procedure. The gun will remain cool to the touch during use.

Phasor can be used with a range of composite brands, so you can start using it in your practice immediately in quick posterior bulk fills, as well as traditional incremental layering techniques in aesthetic regions.

If you already have a composite warmer, you may think it’s doing a good enough job. “As soon as a composite gun is removed from a conventional warmer and introduced to the oral cavity, much of the heat has been lost,” Nick Pond, Product Manager for Vista Dental Products, told Dental Product Shopper.

You can preorder Phasor now - Vista anticipates it will be ready to ship in just a few weeks. Be among the first to use this technology for you and your patients’ benefit.

Visit the Vista Dental website to get more information on the Phasor—and see it in action in Vista’s videos.

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