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The Perfect Pair for In-Office Whitening


With more over-the-counter whitening products available than ever, you might expect the professional whitening business to become a thing of the past. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Today, whitening is still the most requested cosmetic procedure in dental practices and modern advances afford the process multiple advantages over over-the-counter solutions. When performed under professional supervision, patients can experience better, faster results along with improved comfort and satisfaction.


While today’s market offers many serviceable options for in-office whitening, industry innovator Kulzer sets itself apart from the crowd with Venus White® Max. Venus White teeth whitening systems cater to a variety of patient needs while delivering great esthetic results and minimal sensitivity. Whitening with Venus White Max is made even easier with Ivory® ReLeaf™, Kulzer’s award-winning hands-free HVE suction device. With these products on hand and Kulzer’s expert training resources, you and your team can expect better treatment outcomes and happier, more comfortable patients.


In-office whitening with Venus White Max produces excellent results in just three to four 15-minute treatments with 38% hydrogen peroxide gel. The product is chemically activated via syringe-to-syringe mixing for maximum freshness and a thorough mix. Patients will appreciate the comfort Venus White Max offers, as it contains potassium nitrate which mitigates the sensitivity often associated with bleaching. After in-office whitening with Venus White Max, patients can maintain their smiles with one of two convenient take-home options—Venus White Pro custom whitening trays or Venus White Ultra pre-filled disposable trays. All three Venus White systems ensure brilliant results with little to no sensitivity.


The perfect companion to Venus White Max, Ivory ReLeaf offers efficient and effective suction and retraction during in-office whitening. With its unique ergonomic design, the hands-free, high-volume efficiency device provides 280 degrees of suction so you can devote full focus to the task at hand. Set up with Ivory ReLeaf is simple as it can be connected to existing HVE systems in less than 60 seconds. The device is made from a soft, latex- and BPA-free custom blend polymer, so it also promotes patient comfort, eliminating gagging and choking while allowing for effortless communication. Together, these unique features clear a path to improved productivity, better clinical outcomes and an exceptional whitening experience for you and your patients.


To learn more about Venus White Max, Ivory ReLeaf and order products for your practice, visit Kulzer’s website.

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