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The Perfect Pair of Bulk-Fill Resin Restoratives


While amalgam once reigned supreme, a growing desire for improved aesthetics along with heightened concerns over mercury content has contributed to the steady rise of resin-based composite materials for use in anterior and posterior dental restorations.

With this increased demand, however, came the need to accelerate and streamline the restorative process. Bulk-fill resin-based composites were developed for this very purpose, allowing for material placement in single or deeper increments. Parkell, a pioneer of restorative solutions, expands its line of innovative bulk-fill resin-based composite materials with the complementary HyperFIL® HAp and LC Base.

Parkell’s original HyperFIL® dual-cure restorative composite was among the first true bulk-fill materials and facilitates fast, effective bulk-fill direct and indirect restorations. HyperFIL HAp extends this lineage with the addition of nano-hydroxyapatite, a material which lends itself to producing more life-like restorations. Nanofilled for optimal durability and polishability, the low viscosity material flows slightly to conform to the cavity preparation. The dual-cure nature of HyperFIL HAp eliminates the need for incremental layering and curing: the product can be quickly light cured for a depth of 4–6mm but will continue self-curing through to the deepest portions of the restoration.  HyperFIL HAp is radiopaque and available in universal and enamel shades, both of which provide exceptional aesthetics and shade stability.

A highly-flowable, resin-based material, LC Base is designed for use under anterior or posterior composite restorations and works in perfect harmony with Parkell’s HyperFIL. With self-leveling properties and excellent flowability, LC Base can conform to irregular deep cavity preparations for optimal coverage. The resin contained within offers minimal polymerization shrinkage for bulk-fills up to 4mm and reliable marginal seals. LC Base is available in dentin shade and will match deep areas of most posterior teeth.

Want to learn more about HyperFIL HAp and LC Base? Visit Parkell’s website to find helpful resources, watch informative videos and order the products for your practice.

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