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The Pioneer of Single-Patient-Use Celebrates 30 Years


The Berlin Wall fell, Madonna released “Like a Prayer,” and Microcopy launched NeoDiamond, the pioneer and No. 1 single-patient-use diamond. The year was 1989, and Microcopy co-founder Thom Maas, Jr. successfully unveiled a high-quality, sterile and efficient dental diamond that would become a global market leader with remarkable staying power.

Thirty years later, NeoDiamond continues to shine, with key features such as 20 percent more cutting surface and faster cuts that reduce chairtime and increase efficiency.

In those 30 years, NeoDiamond has continued to grow its line to meet dentists’ varied needs.

“Much has changed since NeoDiamond launched in 1989,” said Paul Tucker, Microcopy CEO. The diamond originally came in 16 shapes, but is now available in 126 shapes in various grits. In May, Microcopy added six new pediatric short shank diamond burs.

Today, NeoDiamond continues to be the highest-rated, best performing single-patient-use diamond, and is just one of Microcopy’s products that enable dentists to fulfill a social responsibility to provide better, healthier patient care. Whether you’re new to NeoDiamond or a longtime user, you don’t need to worry about the product aging out any time soon; Microcopy plans to make the powerful yet economical choice available for the next 30 years—and beyond.

“NeoDiamond was developed with safety and performance in mind, which is still the driving force for the brand today,” said Heather Siler, Microcopy marketing manager. “Great products like NeoDiamond will never go out of style.”

Celebrate with Microcopy

It’s NeoDiamond’s anniversary, and you’re invited to celebrate. Have you had a great experience using NeoDiamond for fresh, fast cutting? Has a particular bur become your go-to for challenging extractions? Have you found you’re able to preserve more tissue during routine procedures?

If so, you can submit your “NeoDiamond Story” about why you started using or what you love about these diamonds, and be sure to include a photo. You’ll be entered to win a trip to the Microcopy headquarters and a few other exciting locations in Atlanta. Share your story at

For more information about NeoDiamond visit or call 800-235-1863.

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