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The Simple Versatility of Cotton Pellets


Cotton pellets. They seem like such a basic item, but they really are versatile little things. As a patient, I had no idea how many things they’re used for…from drying cavities and controlling moisture to applying solutions

As a dentist, you want cotton pellets that are reputably manufactured and made of materials that meet the demands of your practice. Richmond Dental offers cotton pellets (size #0 to #5) that are made in the United States of 100% purified medical-grade cotton. They’re perfect for drying tooth surfaces and applying medicaments. Their high absorbency ensures a clean, dry field.

A dentist friend of mine said that the one frustration she experiences with cotton pellets is handling them. The solution, she said, is to use a dispenser. Richmond Dental has three types of cotton pellet dispensers: Chrome Tiltop®, Plastic Temple, and the new  EZ-UP™  Pellet Dispenser. The Chrome Tiltop® is available for sizes #1 through #4 and holds one size each; the Plastic Temple, also available for sizes #1 through #4, holds all four sizes at once. The easy-to-use EZ-UP™ dispenser—which dispenses sizes #1 through #5 and has an interchangeable size grid—is innovatively designed with a gravity-based expulsion system. And it’s made of chemical-resistant materials for easy disinfecting. The Tiltop® and Plastic Temple dispensers are also autoclavable.

Lesson learned? No matter how simple a product may seem, the design and manufacturing behind it are crucial to its safe and successful use in your practice. Watch this video to learn more.

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