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The Totally Digital Office


Henry Schein Practice Solutions recently sponsored a supplement to Dental Product Shopper’s under the umbrella of its continuing education arm,, on delivering quality patient care and improving profits by building a digitally connected practice. It contains a great line up of articles and comments by a great line up of practitioners: Drs. John Flucke, Marty Jablow, Paul Feuerstein, Lou Shuman, Gerald Bittner, Edmond Suh; and others with experience in the high-tech practice—office manager Becky Culhan, Henry Schein practice solutions expert Tammy Barker, and office manager Barbara Kwiatt.

So, let’s take it from the top! The first article is on “Building the Connected High-Tech Office.”

In a round table discussion, Dr. Lou Shuman, who is president and CEO of Cellerant Consulting Group, and his chief development officers and well-known technology gurus Drs. John Flucke, Marty Jablow, and Paul Feuerstein, talked about their ideal practice, touched on technology problems and potential solutions, and dipped into what a “digital practice” means.

Dr. Flucke wants to walk into his office, push one button, and have everything (digital radiography, digital impressions, management software, automated communication tools, etc) start working like a well-oiled wheel with one central hub. That’s possible only with real-deal integration. If everything is patched together with by “bridges” between technologies, the technology is not really communicating directly. Only open architecture eliminates patches. Dentrix integrates technology tools to the point where they automatically share data. Dentrix Connected technologies actually plop real-color 3D impressions and such into patients charts. Data and images do not have to be transferred manually.

“This really speeds up the digital workflow,” Dr. Feuerstein said. “Especially if you also deliver digital files and casework to your labs.”

To download the supplement, click here. For more tidbits from the issue, keep your eye on this blog spot! For more information on Dentrix Connected technologies, click here.


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