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The Trials and Tribulations of the Kinked Sensor Cord


There is no doubt about it—the digital x-ray has simplified intraoral image management and streamlined workflow. It has enhanced the diagnosis process with its high-resolution images. And it has sped up the whole x-ray process by eliminating numerous steps and hassles. But there is the matter of the vulnerability of the sensor cord. From repeated use, it can develop kinks and wires can become loose or strained, and stop transmitting signals to the software. The thing about streamlined workflow is that everything needs to be working. If an operatory is down because a kink or break in the cable has rendered a sensor useless, imagine how practical it would be to be able to change the cable yourself and get the system back up and running in a matter of minutes. 

The Schick 33 intraoral sensor from Dentsply Sirona has a unique interchangeable cable technology design that addresses this and means the cable can be replaced without having to buy a whole new sensor. There’s got to be both significant monetary and time savings in that. Because the cables easily disconnect and reconnect, they can be swapped out using the parts in the replacement kit. Everything needed to replace the cable comes in the kit, even the screwdriver. I watched the instructional video and saw just how simple it is to do. The process takes only a few minutes and a little dexterity that basically mimics the fine motor skills dentists, technicians, and hygienists use all day. Downtime is minimized compared to the wait time for new parts, a perfectly fine working sensor is not wasted, and you’re back in business. With cables available in 3, 6, and 9 feet in length, it’s no trouble to change a cable just because you want to switch to a longer one. If you’re using Schick 33 sensors, you’ll always have a back up part and a back-up plan.

Learn more by watching this video on Schick 33 sensor cable replacement and checking out the Schick 33 evaluation.



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