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Save Time during Pediatric Pulpotomies with This Material


TheraCal PT: Designed for Pulpotomy Treatment

TheraCal PT from BiscoIf your dental office has been struggling to treat pediatric pulpotomy cases, you might need to expand your armamentarium. TheraCal PT, a product BISCO introduced earlier this year, is designed specifically for pulpotomy treatment, and is receiving positive reviews from independent evaluators. 

First, what makes TheraCal PT unique?

Bisco TheraCal PTAs the latest addition to BISCO’s THERA family of products, TheraCal PT is a dual-cured, resin-modified calcium silicate ideal for pulpotomies and pulp-capping procedures. It’s primarily indicated for pulpotomies after the partial or full removal of the coronal pulp, but is also suitable for direct pulp capping and as a liner for direct and indirect pulp capping.

Unlike traditional mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) materials, TheraCal PT’s chemical formulation consists of synthetic Portland cement calcium silicate particles in a hydrophilic matrix, which facilitates calcium release. The material maintains tooth vitality by acting as a barrier and protectant of the pulpal complex.

While other calcium hydroxide-based materials have relatively high solubility, which can lead to dissolution over time, TheraCal PT is moisture tolerant and will not wash out.

Its physical properties resist breakdown and degradation to provide a durable seal. After light-curing the material for 10 seconds, clinicians can easily place the desired adhesive, base, and/or restoration. TheraCal PT is also radiopaque, enabling simple identification and differentiation from recurrent decay and other restorative materials.

These qualities resonated with a group of independent Dental Product Shopper evaluators, who reported improvements in clinical efficiencies.

TheraCal PT with cap offTheraCal PTOne of the evaluators, Dr. Tim Fagan, said he performs about 75 pediatric pulpotomies each month and he sought a pulpotomy material that didn’t require hand mixing because that takes too much time—time he simply doesn’t have with anxious or inattentive young patients. He now reaches for TheraCal PT, which has a dual syringe with automix tip that eliminates hand mixing and dispenses directly into the chamber. The material has a working time of 45 seconds and a setting time of 5 minutes, and the dual-cured set allows for immediate placement of the restorative material.

Overall, working time was the highest-rated criterion in the evaluation.

Dr. Gregory McGann also found that switching to TheraCal PT required fewer steps and less material than products he previously used during pulpotomies, which helped him manage his time more efficiently. “[TheraCal PT] expedited the restorative process, which ultimately improves the patient experience,” he said. “I feel this is a great alternative to using MTA for pulpotomies and is more cost-effective, faster and easier!”

Dr. Todd Sarubin found that TheraCal PT is “very good” at protecting the pulp and that it’s easy to apply, bonded well, and didn’t come off when etching or placing restorations. He found that using TheraCal PT resulted in little, if any, postop sensitivity, and the material doesn’t come off when etching and placing restorations.

“[I had] several cases where decay was cleaned out, but pinpoint pulp exposures were evident with bleeding,” Dr. Sarubin detailed. “After cleaning and drying and obtaining hemostasis, I placed TheraCal PT and restored the teeth. There were no subsequent reports of postop pain, and I have not had to start root canal therapy on any of the direct pulp caps.”

Overall, TheraCal PT scored 4.2 out of 5 possible points, and was designated a DPS Recommended Product. "I would 100% recommend [TheraCal PT] for therapeutic pulpotomies on primary teeth," Dr. Joshua Solomon concluded.


To learn more, read the full TheraCal PT evaluation or check out the October print issue of Dental Product Shopper.

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