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These Diamonds Might Be Your Best Friend


You use diamond burs every day, but chances are you don’t really think about them very much—that is, until they fail to do what you need them to do. Do you even know what brand you use or where they’re manufactured? Do you invest time and thought into maintaining your inventory?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you should check out the wide selection of quality U.S.-made FG Diamond Dental Burs from A&M Instruments. Available in single-patient and multi-use burs and discs, they come in a vast array of shapes, sizes, and grits. FG Diamond Dental Burs are manufactured with high concentricity via Swiss machining and crafted with multiple layers of premium diamonds for smooth, efficient, low-heat cutting.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Listen to your peers, including those who participated in the Dental Product Shopper evaluation of FG Diamond Dental Burs.

“They were easy to use, cut very well, and made work easy and predictable,” said Dr. Cristian Secareanu of Elmhurst, NY. “The patient was comfortable and very happy when the work took much less time, without much discomfort.” 

Dr. Robert Korwin of Red Bank, NJ, lauded the burs for “excellent cutting action” and said he was able to achieve fast crown preps without switching out the bur. The burs, according to Dr. Korwin, are “well-priced and very effective diamonds.”

Focusing only on producing rotary instruments, A&M continually improves manufacturing processes by using precision steel blanks for tools in-house and formulating a proprietary diamond-coating technique. Additionally, A&M offers highly competitive pricing and special promotions.

Visit A&M’s online catalog and check out the range of FG Diamond Dental Burs.

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