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This Is What Being a Dentist Is All About!


Dr. Leonard Tau shares this wonderful story of how KoR's whitening system changed this young man's life!

One of the most heart-warming cases I’ve ever treated was a 13-year-old boy with teeth that were stained dark brown. He was told by other dentists that it was not possible to whiten his teeth, and, because of his self-consciousness, he had trained himself not to show his teeth when he smiled. After significant coaxing, I was able to get him to show me his teeth, which showed fluorosis, including the typical white opaque spots and brown spots, both a result of the inhibitory affect excess fluoride has on ameloblasts.

I took photos and sent them to Dr. Rod Kurthy (CEO of Evolve Dental Technology) for his input and he was confident that we could achieve spectacular results with the KöR Whitening system. My patient and his mom are absolutely thrilled with the results (see photos below).

This young man is now an absolutely changed person with increased confidence, and a glowing, extroverted personality. This is what being a dentist all is about!


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