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This Small Polisher Makes a Big Impact


Small, smooth and agile—that describes the composite polisher from Microcopy, which is aptly named Minnow. This single-use tool, known as the “Go Anywhere Polisher,” is ideal for accessing pits and fissures close to soft tissue.

The Minnow’s small size makes it able to access these hard-to-reach places as an efficient and economical polishing solution.

The Minnow comes in a range of options so you can get exactly the tool you need for the restoration. Choose between point and cup shapes, and satin and hi-gloss finish. The satin option, which requires light pressure, is for everyday restorations; it removes striations for a satisfactory shine in the posterior. The hi-gloss choice, which only needs feather-light pressure, takes on the most demanding esthetic restorations, for which it creates superior liquid luster restoration. The point shape allows for precision and access in tight areas, and the flare of the cup enhances accessibility near soft tissue. Whether you choose point or cup, satin or high-gloss, you’ll get a polisher that is designed not to crumble, a common complaint with polishers.

Minnow polishers are especially effective on small restorations, says Dr. Ron Kaminer. New York-based general and cosmetic dentist.

“Today, as dentistry is becoming more minimally invasive, we are performing smaller preparations with smaller restorations,” said Kaminer, who spoke about the polishers on Dental Product Shopper TV. “Those small restorations are not easy to polish, but because of the size and the shape of the Minnow polishers, we’re able to get into these small minimally invasive type restorations and get them to a very high luster so that patient will have a very long-lasting restoration that look great and feel great in their mouth.”

The single-use Minnow comes pre-sterilized and ready to use, and it does not require polishing paste. Both of those features are economical—there’s no need to purchase either paste or cleaning and sterilizing materials. Just use and toss—and reach for another Minnow when you need composite to look its best.

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