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Tips for Closing the Deal on Clear Aligner Cases

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I just watched an interesting, and inspiring (!), 4-minute video on ClearCorrect’s website titled “The Basics of Closing a Case.” Chief technology officer Dr. James Mah gives some advice on talking to patients about ClearCorrect. Based on his experience as an orthodontist, he outlines the best approach to introducing the subject, how to discuss costs, how to let staff contribute to the conversation, and educating patients about the other health benefits of straightening teeth.

Patients are aware of the esthetic improvements that can be reached by wearing clear aligners, but they need to be educated on how misalignment impacts chewing, prohibits cleaning to prevent periodontal disease, and the impact of excessive wear and everything including appearance. Try throwing the phrase “premature aging of the dentition” at patients and discussing how extensive and costly the process of replacing worn dentition can be.

Office staff can be recruited to contribute to the message by adding their opinions or suggestions based on their knowledge and experience. Since patients usually spend more time with staff, often chit chatting about life, this is a natural way to keep the message coming through. So besides the obvious "mirror mirror on the wall" reasons to consider ClearCorrect treatment, get patients thinking about the consequences of leaving their condition as is until teeth begin to break or get worn down.

To watch the video, click here.

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