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Tools + Technology + Skills = Confidence


There’s a difference between confident and cocky, right? Cocky people just assume they’re always right and that they know exactly what they’re doing all the time. They can do anything without help or input from anyone else. On the other hand, confident people have done their research, asked for advice from experts, honed their skills, and invested in the tools and technology that streamline tasks and, in the case of dentists, improve the patient experience.

Isn’t it true that when you combine your education and skills with the right tools you feel more confident walking into the treatment room? Take, for example, dental handpieces and attachments. These instruments are a huge part of your practice and having the right one in your hands makes your day so much better.

The Midwest E Plus high-speed attachment from Dentsply Sirona Midwest is a case in point. Designed to perform a wide range of procedures with power and precision, they give dentists the control they need to perform their work with confidence. The small head gives you easy access into the tightest corners of the oral cavity, the single-piece titanium shell is lightweight and ergonomic, and the ceramic head bearings in the 1:5 high-speed version extend the life of the handpiece.

You can learn more about the Midwest E Plus here.

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