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Tools to Confidently Fight Gingivitis


Dental instruments are the cogs that help an effective practice run smoothly and effectively. They are relied on daily for myriad tasks: examining, operating, treating, cleaning, and restoring teeth and their surrounding oral structures. So the quality of these tools becomes ever important in the dentistry world, especially since 50% of patients have gingivitis.

Denmat’s Hartzell hand instruments will give you a cutting edge because of their high-quality design. These tools offer a solution to many surgical procedures, including: endodontics, implant dentistry, orthodontics, and oral surgery. Hartzell offers a wide selection of handle choices and finishes that will last longer than stainless steel.

Not only is the design of these instruments meaningful, but it also will help to make your practice more efficient. The instruments promote precision and help to alleviate operator fatigue. Their sharpness means that you’ll be applying significantly less pressure to remove plaque and deposits, making procedures more comfortable for you and your patients.

Hartzell instruments enable the dental professional detect, access, and remove residue, which helps to greatly reduce the effects of gingivitis, encouraging and promoting patient gum health.

Hartzell instruments are devoted to manufacturing high-quality tools to maintain their edge after heavy usage with the goal of helping you perform your best practice.

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