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Top 5 Things to Consider When Looking to Purchase a 3D Imaging System


What to Consider when Shopping for a 3D Imaging System for your Dental Practice 

Considering buying a new 3d imaging system for the dental office Dental practitioners know how important it is to have a sophisticated 3D imaging system implemented in their practices. By using a reliable and advanced system, dentists are able to see clear images of a patient’s teeth, bones, and tissue to analyze and detect any abnormalities. 

When purchasing a new 3D imaging system, there are several considerations that should be kept in the forefront of a practitioner’s mind.

Carestream Dental, for instance, offers dental practitioners some of the most technologically advanced 3D imaging equipment and software available on the market. Two of their latest models, the CS 8100 3D and the CS 9600, provide everything that a practice needs to ensure the best results for both clinicians and patients.

The following are five important considerations when shopping for a 3D imaging system:

1. Clarity and Accuracy 

It’s important that the results provided by a 3D imaging system are both clear and accurate so that dental practitioners can catch issues in a patient’s mouth that may be difficult to see. Carestream Dental’s CS 8100 3D combines 3D imaging with 2D panoramic imaging to deliver the clearest and most accurate view of patients’ mouths for the best diagnostic, treatment, and surgical planning. Likewise, the CS 9600 combines 2D panoramic imaging, CBCT imaging, and 3D facial and model scanning to create quality images for analysis.

2. Advanced Technology

Every practice should be mindful of keeping up with the latest technological advancements in dentistry. This will not only ensure that their results are the most accurate, but also reassure their patients that they are receiving the best possible care. By continuing to use outdated equipment, dental practitioners could miss out on key details that only more technologically advanced equipment could show. Both the Carestream Dental CS 8100 3D and the CS 9600 have breakthrough technology that enables dental practitioners to produce high-quality images for each patient. Both systems provide easy accessibility of images for clinicians to view at any time.

3. Simplicity  

When patients visit a practice, they expect fast, painless, and quality care. Without equipment that can make procedures as quick and simple as possible, dentists cannot deliver the care that their patients expect. The CS 8100 3D uses CS 3D Imaging software to make image review, implant planning, measurements, and image sharing easier than ever. Meanwhile, the CS 9600’s SmartPad guides users through the exam, simplifying the procedure from setup to image quality control, while CS Imaging version 8 software provides users with one-stop access to all 2D and 3D images, 3D face scans, and CAD/CAM data--all through a single application.

4. Patient comfort 

When considering what equipment to purchase for a practice, dental practitioners know that patient comfort is a primary concern. If patients are made to feel comfortable with the equipment a practitioner uses, they are more likely to come back to the

practice. Free of invasive lasers and designed to be patient-centric, the CS 8100 3D makes exams quick and simple, promoting patient comfort. Likewise, the CS 9600 is able to facilitate patient positioning thanks to a Live Positioning Assistant and SmartAuto technology.

5. Compatibility

It is important for a 3D imaging system to be compatible with software that a dental practitioner may be using so that images can be easily accessed. Both the CS 9600 and the CS 8100 3D make information shareable and easy to communicate with any referrals. With both of these advanced Carestream Dental products available on the market, dental practitioners can choose what’s best for their practice and their patients in order to ensure efficiency, quality, and comfort for both themselves and their patients.

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