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Tried and Trusted Hypersensitivity Relief


Hypersensitivity is a problem that often plagues patients and puzzles dentists. In cases of cervical erosions, exposed dentine surfaces and gingival recession, patients may experience debilitating sensitivity to heat, cold and acidity. Similar symptoms may also occur in patients following fixed prosthesis and restorative procedures. Under any circumstance, these symptoms can greatly impact a patient’s quality of life and last anywhere from a few days to months on end.

One way to combat hypersensitivity is with the use of a desensitizing agent. For over 20 years, industry leader Kulzer’s award-winning GLUMA® Desensitizer has acted as the first line of defense against hypersensitivity. Used in over 50 million restorations worldwide, a single drop of GLUMA can quickly and effectively eliminate and prevent hypersensitivity. For cases requiring a higher degree of control and accuracy, Kulzer has introduced GLUMA® Desensitizer PowerGel. Together, these products work to meet all of your hypersensitivity needs, delivering instant, long-term relief for your patients.

Designed for simple and fast one-step placement, GLUMA Desensitizer requires no agitation or light curing. The product is universally compatible and suited for use with all bonding and restorative materials across all indications. GLUMA is the only desensitizer clinically proven to penetrate exposed dentinal tubules up to 200Related image. This results in the formation of multilayered protein walls which prevent osmotic fluid exchange with internal tubules—the primary mechanism behind hypersensitivity. GLUMA also creates a hermetic seal around bacteria, trapping it and inhibiting growth.  As an added bonus, the product offers re-wetting, resurrecting collapsed collagen fibers and improving the bond strength of many adhesives.

GLUMA Desensitizer PowerGel delivers the same proven efficacy that earned its predecessor industry-wide acclaim and made it the standard for desensitization with the addition of beneficial new properties. GLUMA Desensitizer PowerGel’s unique gel consistency allows for better handling and more precise placement. Likewise, the product’s no-drip formula ensures that it stays where it's placed, minimizing the risk of contact with soft tissue. GLUMA Desensitizer PowerGel also features a helpful green color indicator for easy visual placement and rinse-clean capability.

Both GLUMA Desensitizer and GLUMA Desensitizer PowerGel are suitable for treating hypersensitivity in both exposed cervical areas not requiring restorations and in dentine preparations for fixed prostheses or restorations. Whether placed under a direct or indirect restoration or used for spot treatment, GLUMA provides patients with the fast, effective and long-lasting comfort they deserve.

To learn more about the GLUMA Desensitizer product line and order for your practice, visit Kulzer’s website.

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